Win-loss programs by Clozd.

We conduct in-depth interviews with the decision-makers at your won and lost accounts.

Over time, we'll uncover key trends and insights about how and why you win and lose.

We'll help you instill the learnings across your org so you can foster alignment, learn faster, and win more.


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Clozd experts will develop a unique program plan, interview guide, and sampling strategy tailored to your business.

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A dedicated Clozd consultant will conduct, record, transcribe, tag and summarize each in-depth interview.

We'll deliver crisp reports highlighting key themes, competitive insights, sales and product scorecards, and more.

We'll leverage innovative technology and services, like ClozdPortal, to drive adoption and action.


"Investing in a win-loss program is a no brainer for a growing SaaS business like ours. The insights and themes Clozd uncovers are invaluable for driving cross-functional alignment, enabling our sales team, focusing our product roadmap, and refining our messaging."

Doug Jensen
VP Sales


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Best Practices

Understanding why you win and lose, from the buyer's perspective, is core to driving greater sales effectiveness. Check out our guide to win-loss analysis here: